Cub Scouts Pack 1011 - Indiana, PA

And the winner is....

On Saturday, April 24th, our pack completed our 2021 Pinewood Derby. Each scout worked hard to complete their Pinewood Derby cars. In fact, the competition was so tight that there was only a 4 one hundredths of a second difference between first and eighth place. Thank you to all of the participants and parents for making this event a success. Congratulations to our winners!

1st place - Connor Tanaka (Tiger Scout)

2nd place - Will Hoffman (AOL Scout)

3rd place - Christopher Tanaka (AOL Scout)

Camping Adventures Begin Here!

Overnight camping is an important part of the Cub Scouting experience and provides many opportunities for meeting rank requirements and bonding between scouts. There are several options for camping at Camp Independence.

  • Rookie Camp is June 19-20, 2021 and is appropriate for younger scouts that have never camped before. The cost is $62 per scout/$29 per adults (if paid by April 1st), $70 per scout/$29 per adult (if paid by June 1st), and $78 per scout/$29 per adult after June 2nd.

  • Resident Camp is June 20-23, 2021 and will cover wolf and bear requirements as part of the programming. The cost is $198 per scout/$88 per adult (if paid by April 1st), $210 per scout/$88 per adult (if paid by June 1st), and $223 per scout/$88 per adult if after June 2nd.

  • 3 Day Webelos Camp is June 25 - 28, 2021 and is specific to Webelos. The cost is $198 per scout/$88 per adult (if paid by April 1st), $210 per scout/$88 per adult (if paid by June 1st), and $223 per scout/$88 per adult if after June 2nd.

  • 4 Day Webelos Camp is June 29 - July 3, 2021 and is specific to Webelos. The cost is $263 per scout/$117 per adult (if paid by April 1st), $280 per scout/$117 per adult (if paid by June 1st), and $297 per scout/$117 per adult if after June 2nd.

For more information and registration, click here.

Expedition Rain Forest! Day Camp 2021

Cub Scout Day Camp is 3 days of exciting fun, exciting program activities and adventure at a location close to home with no overnight stay. Day Camp is an introductory outdoor program for Tigers, Cub Scouts, and Webelos with little camping experience. Programs are run by BSA National Camp School trained volunteers and are inspected and accredited annually by the Laurel Highlands Council.

Our 2021 summer theme, Expedition Rain Forest, will run throughout the daily program of challenge, adventure, creativity, and learning. Both daytime and evening "twilight" camp opportunities are available. Scouts, families, dens, and packs can attend any camp that fits their schedule provided they have the required adult leadership. They are also welcome to attend more than one day camp as each one is a little different.

Traditionally, Pack 1011 attends the Day Camp at Camp Seph Mack (Yellow Creek State Park) which will be held June 29 - July 1, 2021. The cost is $65 per scout (if paid by April 15th), $75 per scout (if paid by May 14th), or $90 per scout (if paid after May 15th). Participating siblings (must be entering 1st grade) are $55 and Adult partners are $15.

For more information and to register, click here.

Let's get ready to race!!!

It's time for the Pinewood Derby!! The Pinewood Derby is an annual event that allows our scouts to showcase their engineering skills by building race cars to compete for the top spot in our annual race. Due to the pandemic, we will be limiting the number of spectators, but will be using a Facebook Live event to allow family members to view at home.

The pinewood derby will be held on April 24th! Stay tuned for more information.

It's Getting Wild In Here!!

Ever wonder what a pack meeting looks like? Pack 1011's last meeting included a discussion with the Indiana County Game Warden. Game Warden Reidmiller talked with the scouts about native animals of Pennsylvania and what a scout should do if he or she encounters one of these animals. The scouts enjoyed asking many questions and passing around animal pelts during our latest meeting.

Scout Sunday - February 7th

Scout Sunday will be celebrated at Grace United Methodist Church on Sunday, February 7th at the 9am service. All scouts and leaders are invited to attend in their uniform to participate in the service and be recognized for their service to the local community.


Pack 1011 and Troop 11 is hitting the slopes!! Troop 11 is organizing a day of skiing at Hidden Valley Resort on Saturday, February 6th. This event is open to the troop, pack, family, and friends. There is no limit on tickets, but we must have at least 10 to take advantage of the group rates.

As a group we will be able to take advantage of the group rates - $47 for a lift ticket, $29 for rentals (skis, poles, boots or snowboard, boots), and $23 for lessons. Please note that helmets are not included in the rental rate.

This is not a formal BSA event. You can arrive and depart on your own schedule. Payment must be made by JANUARY 31ST by sending a check to BSA Troop 11, c/o Brenda DiCicco, 310 Debbie Drive, Indiana, PA 15701. To sign up, please complete the form at this link:

We're On A Mission For Klondike

Some Eagle Scouts and their friends are putting the band back together and "We're On A Mission For Klondike". With the theme in hand you can grab your black fedora and some sunglasses and start thinking about a program jam packed with friendly scouting competition. Click here for all the details.

2020 Family Camp - Oct 16 - 18

To participate in Family Camp, at least one member of the family must be registered: Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturer, or Explorer. Families attend together (Guardians and children). This is not a unit-organized event. Families register as a family, arrive as a family, and enjoy the weekend together as a family. If several families from a unit want to attend together, that's great...just have each family register themselves as a family.

Families can enjoy a variety of activities such as shooting sports, field games and more. The weekend will be very loosely scheduled so your family can pick and choose activities, most will offer self-guided trips to visit local attractions or activities.

This is a family event, not a Scout event where advancement and other Scout activities are part of the program. It’s a weekend of open program; you won’t find a rotation of stations like day camp or summer camp. Plan to arrive Friday evening between 5:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Please do not arrive early – staff will still be setting up camp. Program ends with Closing on Sunday. Please plan to check out no later than 10:00 a.m. Due to Covid-19 Restrictions food will not be provided at the event and families will be responsible for their own meals.

To register - click here

Hike, Bike, and Fish Event

Scouting youth and families are invited to attend the Hike, Bike, and Fish event on Saturday, September 26th, at Camp Seph Mack (Yellow Creek)! Feel free to register a friend who is interested in Scouting and show them all of the great opportunities Scouting has to offer.

Bring your bike and take a ride, your fishing pole to catch some fish, and hiking boots for a hike. These items will not be supplied. Come for one adventure, or participate in all three, the choice is up to you. The event will begin with an Opening Flag Ceremony and instructions, then the rest of the day's adventures are up to you. We’ll close out the day at noon with a few words and announce the winner of who caught the largest fish!

Everyone must register in order to attend.

Scouting in 2020

Well, the year 2020 has certainly thrown us all for a loop and scouting is no exception to this. While we were hoping to be able to conduct face to face meetings and have our usual activities, it seems that 2020 had different plans. We are still working through our scouting year in order to have a fun, yet safe year, below is an outline of our 2020 plan to ensure safety during this unusual time.

  • We will be conducting face to face meetings as possible this year. If the situation changes during the course of the scouting year, we will move to a virtual format.

  • Social distancing - any live activities will require social distancing meaning that parents will need to attend to ensure that our scouts adhere to social distancing guidelines.

  • Masks - masks will be required at all activities that are conducted face to face.

  • As the guidelines change, our scouting year may also change. While we are erring on the side of caution, we may be able to conduct live meetings later in the year. During these times of uncertainty, it is important to communicate concerns and ask questions. We are all in this together and need to work together to ensure safe scouting in 2020.